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** If you have an in-game issue or feel you have been banned in Error, you are most welcome to enter our Voice Server and Respectfully ask for assistance. *Details Below* **


We're a group of [mostly] like-minded individuals from literally around the World who have been gathering to enjoy Gaming together for several years now. We pride ourselves on equal & fair gaming for all; We are very active in our voice server (currently using discord), and welcome all Mature players! You are welcome to join in the conversation with us, or jump into a channel with your gaming friends.

 We are Always actively Accepting Applications of Mature Gamers to join our clan! We always warmly welcome friendships with other mature clans! All players are welcome in our Voice Server.

**Calling all G4L fans!**

We Proudly Offer offer the following G4L Approved Servers:


Discord Link

Please Note: We are Now using DISCORD Voice Server 

Whether its to report a concern or to simply hang out - All players 18yrs+ are welcome to join us in our Discord Voice Server. We always look forward to hanging out with fellow gamers.  

(We no longer host a Teamspeak server)

** If you have an In-Game issue, you are welcome to pop-in, However, be sure to Respectfully ask for assistance - G4L will Not tolerate disrespectful requests. G4L has Multiple servers with Multiple Admins - not all issues can be resolved on the spot ** 

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